Sunday, 31 March 2013

I made a new website for my 2D art. Please Visit:

Showreel January 2014 from Sascha Altschuler on Vimeo.
Music: C2C - Happy

"Sascha is a great asset to any team, she is a good team player and great to work with."
- Lise Ann Mangino, A. film Production

"Working with Sascha on Microïd's video games was a real pleasure. She's a truly gifted and efficient artist, who can do great work at storyboarding cinematics and making animatic sequences, designing game characters and environments, as well as illustrating game mechanics. Sascha works very well, and she also works very fast and has no problem with iterating her work to adapt to the changes of the project she's working on. I strongly recommend her, both as a storyboard artist and as a colleague." 
Lucas Lagravette, Game designer at Microids

"Sascha has great artistic qualities that she implemented in the different projects she has been involved in. We are very satisfied with her internship and she is a student that we would not hesitate to recommend both for her artistic and technical qualities and team spirit"
- Elliot Grassiano, CEO Microids (Anuman Interactive) 

Shot Breakdown

Unimagined Friends
Bachelor Project. A tale of not-yet imagined imaginary friends waiting for their big breakthrough. I Directed the 7 minute short movie, but also helped with modeling, compositing, blendshapes, light, storyboards, DLO, editing ect ect. 

Lizard, Quadruped project
School assignment. Together with animator Andreea Jebelean I designed this house carrying lizard. After we had settled on the design I modeled, sculpted, textured and shaded the lizard. I did a bit of mattepainting on the background and used maya fluid systems to do the fog.

Tank Girl
Original design by Jamie Hewlett.
This is a personal project. I wanted to turn a 2D design of someone else into a 3D model and I’m a big fan of the crazy world of tankgirl and Jamie Hewlett’s designs in general. I modeled, textured, sculpted, shaded, lit and posed this project. Hopefully I can get an animator friend to animate it one day.

Escape Project
School project in collaboration with animator, Roland Seer. I painted, modeled, textured and shaded the background after Roland’s concept, and composited it in the end.

Hair for three heads
This is two children and a daycare teacher for our bachelor movie currently in production, Unimagined Friends. I modeled the hair for the characters.
I also directed this project.

This is a first year school project. I used particles for the dust in the room and modeled the blinds, the typewriter, the fan and various other little things. The furniture models were provided but everything had to be shaded and lit.

Rocky Rooster flier boy (chicken suit)
A first year school project. Troy is a prematurely retired stuntman who dreamt of jumping through burning hoops for Bruce Willis but unfortunately fell on the wet floor of a newly cleaned Rocky Rooster Family Restauran when buying chicken wings. He busted his knee and as an act of kindness (or to avoid a lawsuit) they gave him a job as a flier boy.
I made the story, the designs and everything else you see on screen for this project

House at No More Sea and the 12 legged animal 
This is a personal project about an elderly man living in the desert by a dried out lake. At night a great fog roles over the lake. A fog so thick you can sail on it and in it swims phantom fish. These are very valuable and he catches them and sells them at a market half a day’s travel away.  To get there he uses a special desert creature, a 12 legged mix between a mole and an elephant. It’s mostly blind so he uses fireflies to guide it (like the old carrot on a stick).
It’s an old idea of mine and I’ve tried to flesh it out in 3D.

The Reward, 2D bachelor Movie
I helped with the compositing for the bachelor movie The Reward. In the city shot I did the pre-compositing, setting up files and color corrections, while the shot with the two horses, I fully composited.

Naked Dancer (Clear the Dancefloor), Commercial Project
<- Poster Artwork by Jonas Bastrup Mikkelsen
I was the director of this five weeks commercial project, which was shown at Roskilde Music Festival. The assignment was to persuade festival goers, in a suttle way, to throw out their own trash. I also did prop modeling, texturing, and compositing.

Full commercial

Paint Slow motion
For our bachelor movie, Unimagined Friends. I made the design of the shot, the geometry and the blendshapes.
I also directed this project.

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